Usc Upstate Transfer Agreement

What pre-course courses are transferred to the program? SMC maintains hundreds of informal agreements with other colleges across the country to accept transfer course credits to a particular university program. We have transfer contracts with the following schools: If you have already graduated (1-2 semester) from a technology engineering degree or are about to graduate, you can apply to USC Upstate through the Admissions Office. Feel free to send the program to with questions about the process via email. A degree associate at SMC gives you options. The courses are designed to be easily transposed into a large number of higher education institutions. Or, like many students, you may find that you have to work to earn additional education income. With your Degree partner on hand, you`re entitled to better-paying jobs. If you are considering moving from Greenville Technical College to USC Upstate, we welcome you and hope that the accompanying materials will be valuable resources for you. For more information on transfer credit assessments, please contact: The Director of the ETM program is happy to meet with you and set courses that can be transferred.

This includes 31 hours of technical recognition of your ET diploma as well as all university transfer and general training courses taught by a SC technical university. Transfers from other institutions must be checked to verify their suitability. For a first audit, send an unofficial transcript to Do not send documents with SSN. The information contained in the transfer agreements is intended to assist scientific advice and may change. The USC Upstate Scientific Catalogue is the official document describing the requirements for the conclusion of USC Upstate. If you have already completed the AAS ET program, contact USC Upstate via You must start with an AAS ET conclusion. USC Upstate has partnered with Greenville Technical College, Piedmont Technical College, Spartanburg Community College, Tri-County Technical College and York Technical College for the necessary AAS AND PROGRAMs. Each partner institution has specific ET programs that are easily transferred to the USC Upstate program. If you apply for admission to USC Upstate, you must send the official copy of the transcripts to the Admissions Office.

If you are admitted to USC Upstate, your transcripts will be sent to the Chair of Computer Science and Engineering Systems. The Chair will evaluate your transcripts with respect to the program and determine which courses will be transferred to the program. Our unique transfer agreements with Greenville Technical College have enabled thousands of students to make a seamless and successful transition to USC Upstate graduates. In fact, more students go from Greenville Tech to USC Upstate than any other school. You should contact USC Upstate during or after your second semester at the specialized university. Early planning allows for maximum efficiency of transfer credits. Spartanburg Methodist College aims to create a strong academic base. For your continued success, we are proud to offer a large number of four-year liaison programs with institutions in the Southeast. Currently, we are involved in the following agreements: Bridge programs are agreements between SMC and other colleges to identify the work of SMC students and pave the way for a four-year agreement. CMS students who wish to change universities through a bridge program must continue to meet all the requirements to be admitted to the four-year university. Many of the courses in the lower department (100 and 200 levels) are taken at a specialized university as part of the Engineering Technology Associate diploma.

Students typically transfer 56-76 hours from technical university to USC Upstate, including 31 hours of technical courses. The transfer limit is 76 hours of credit.