Get Genuine Windows Agreement For Small And Medium Organizations Program

7 GGWA-SMO Overview of OfferingsOn will find a summary of the GGWA-SMO Compliance Offering Target Client Small Business Mid-market Government Product and Availability Volume License Offer: Out of Price List Windows 7 Professional Windows 7 Pro SKU: FQC WinPro7 MVL Original SMP Receive Available 1. November 2009 Functions Customer Support Available for Purchase Option for the Purchase of Volume License Media /Volume License Key Any volume of 5 or more discount rights availability of additional orders allowed during the agreement/authorization terms (2 years) Transferable In principle, no transfer is allowed, but exceptions are mentioned in the program agreement. Terms and Conditions Unsigned Commitment to Purchase Only Original Windows Licenses in the Future GGWA and Open License Terms and Conditions of Sale apply to SA within 90 days on Open, Open Value, Select or Select Plus Volume Licensing programs 7 12 Frequently Asked QuestionsHow does the GGWA SMO ordering process? To order GGWA-SMO, follow these steps: 1. The reseller presents the GGWA to the customer and acquires customer information to conclude the contract (no customer signature is required). 2. Reseller forwards the GGWA Agreement to Microsoft`s authorized distributor for transfer to the Regional Operations Center (ROC). 3. ROC processes the agreement and returns a contract number to the customer, reseller and distributor. 4. The customer and the partner receive an electronic order confirmation (i.c., to the reseller). Does GGWA-SMO come with media? If not, how do my customers buy media? No, like other volume licensing agreements, media is not included, but can be purchased separately through the standard ordering process for media execution.

A Q A 11 9 GGWA-SMO Non-USD Countries: Agreement Addendum9 GGWA-SMO: Agreement Addendum Distributors are requested to make available to their resellers the GGWA Agreement Addendum and the Open License Agreement. Resellers must physically present the agreements to the customers at the time of the transaction, so that the customer fully understands the general conditions of sale. Microsoft Get Genuine is a complete operating system, not an upgrade that is offered through the Microsoft Program ”Get Genuine Windows Agreement for Small and Medium Organisations”. It is only available to fix scenarios in which an organization has installed an existing PC with one of the following operating systems: 5 inappropriate licensing types and scenariosThey and other scenarios are too common and result in falsely licensed Windows software on customers` PCs. Types of Software Falsified Software Windows software installed using infiltrated or stolen volume keys (VLK). Software downloaded online or from unknown or false sources. It has been tried to reduce costs by performing motherboard upgrades in place without buying new Windows licenses on these PCs. PC was purchased by an OEM who used a single license on multiple PCs (called a hard drive store)….