Collegiate Housing Services Lease Agreement

University attendance is an exciting time in a student`s life, and OTC recognizes the impact that life away from home has on young adults. That`s precisely why we offer our students safe, comfortable, clean and affordable accommodation. A $50 registration fee and a $250 deposit are all it takes to secure your home. On the lisle campus, the Studentenwerk collaborates with Collegiate Housing Services (CHS) to help students who need help securing housing. CHS offers a full range of residential services and works closely with students to identify the best options. Below are the services available to help you move. Collegiate Housing Services (CHS) has managed student housing programs for more than 150 post-secondary campuses in more than 20 countries across the country. We work closely with each school to adapt and coordinate their student housing systems. We have partnerships with some of the largest national property management companies, as well as many regional and local businesses in the markets we currently use. Thanks to this real estate network, we manage the abundance of shared student housing near the campus. We offer a proactive, furnished and public service program for students, including roommate matching and individual student rental contracts, as well as a robust accommodation rental service for students wishing to do the details of the apartment themselves. We can also help you find other accommodations, and additional accommodation offers may be provided by Collegiate Housing Services. Most of these apartments are unfurnished and require leases, home bonds and often a co-signer.

The cost ranges from $555/mo to $1,024/mo based on apartment size and location. If you have any questions about residential services here at Ohio Technical College, please contact Collegiate Housing Services at 1-800-322-7000 x 165. Our shared hosting program is our preferred option. It contains most of the functions for students who are looking for roommates and a common university experience. The residential configuration resembles the campus residence that lives in a university, except that it is off campus and shared. Individual rentals, furniture and incidentals are included. To apply, a 50 USD registration fee and a $500 deposit are charged for international students….