Arkansas Teacher Reciprocity Agreements

Information for candidates outside the state (mutual per state) The certification of foreign-trained teachers and certified teachers abroad varies according to state guidelines. Many States will issue temporary or temporary teaching certificates to foreign teachers who can prove that their background and experience conform to teachers` standards of reciprocity. The first step in this process is usually an evaluation of foreign certificates from a department that is a member of the National Association of Discourse Evaluation Services (NACES) or the Association of International Evaluators in Question (AICE). Individuals with certificates obtained in countries other than the United States should check with the national agency responsible for teacher licensing about current requirements. $125.00 in fees, cashier`s cheque or payment order; and initial applications; and provide official transcripts reflecting a bachelor`s or master`s degree obtained by a regionally accredited university/university; and copies the current teaching license of a non-governmental educational authority, a Ministry of Defence school or another country; and verification of experience (must be on the letterhead of the extra-national school district). Please share the experience according to M/D/Y and indicate the number of course days for each year. 160 days usually corresponds to a full school year. and a copy of the passing of the teacher`s exams or a notarized statement that the exams were not required.**Out of State Licensure ICS – A One-Year Certificate (1CS) is a provisional license. ”Out of State 1CS”, a license issued to a person holding at least a bachelor`s degree, having completed a standard or alternative teacher preparation program, having passed non-governmental teacher exams and having a valid non-governmental teacher`s license but not having teaching experience. Answer: The NASDTEC Interstate Agreement is a set of agreements between different states that recognize which elements of one state`s teaching licensing process are equivalent to those of another. For example, many states will evaluate any teacher tests you have taken for another state`s licensing process and may exempt you from additional tests if it turns out that those tests meet the requirements of the new state. .

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